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Sapienza Rocket Team: desining space
Sapienza Rocket Team: desining space

Sapienza Rocket Team: desining space

Sapienza Rocket Team's projects regard desining and building devices for model rockets.
1) Rocket motors, with both solid propellant and concrete nozzle and hybrid propellant with aluminum case and nozzle
2) Test bench for motor testing, both horizontal and vertical using Arduino.
3) Design of electronic components for telemetry and active flight control with systems based on Arduino, IMU and 3D printed parts.
4) Building rocket models: one solid-propelled and one water-propelled.

Sapienza Rocket Team: desining space

Sapienza Rocket Team

Sapienza Rocket Team is one of four teams of SASA (Sapienza Aerospace Student Association). In particular, the team designs, projects and builds model rockets and devices linked to them. Like all teams in SASA, only “La Sapienza” University students take part in Sapienza Rocket Team, regardless of the faculty they study in.
The team was born unofficially in March 2018 with the aim of getting students closer to what they learn in class by applying practically what they study and introducing them to team working. For this purpose, the team chose to assemble some model rocket pre-made “kits”. 

In October 2018, the team was officially born, as the fourth group of SASA. Its birth corresponds to the first real project of the team: the first model rocket partly designed by the team with 3D printed parts. This leads to “Giorgio 1”, like the first launched models with avionics for telemetry. The lunch was made in December 2018, being a great success.
As of 2019 the projects are growing in number.
The team projected a water rocket as a part of a competition by Euroavia, in partnership with Ariane Group and Airbus regarding sloshing in which a multiphysics simulation program was used to determine the phenomenon and an active flight control system was developed to balance it. 
The team also designed its first solid rocket motors and its first testing bench for motor performance validation.
Regarding future projects, “Giorgio 2” is in the making and ,in the meantime, further developing in the propulsion sector with hybrid propulsion and the upgrade of the testing bench.

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