Exhibitors 2019

Wearables and Electronic Jewellery

Wearables and Electronic Jewellery

This project explorers the design and process of adding electronics to custom jewellery.

The overlying shapes are produced using 3D printing and more traditional modeling techniques. This produces forms and molds which can be used to casting resin around the electronics.

For the electronics, custom circuits and PCBs have been designed. They incorporate LEDs which compliment the desired visual effect.

Wearables and Electronic Jewellery

Robert Fitzsimons, Lucy Johnson

Robert Fitzsimons is a hacker and maker from Dublin with a keen interest in electronics and related technologies. Showing a slight obsessive tendency, many of his projects use large numbers of LEDs and lots of soldering.
Lucy Johnson is a maker from Vermont and has background in fashion and design. She likes exploring the use of technology in her designs.

  H25 (pav. 6)
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