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progettare per l'autismo e i disordini sensoriali
progettare per l'autismo e i disordini sensoriali

progettare per l'autismo e i disordini sensoriali

This project was my final thesis in Architecture (rather atypical!). It is a proposal intended for preschool children, focused on sensorial integration: objects for play and therapy purpose, to understand the senses and learn how to use them to experience the world.

Temple Grandin, one of the most famous autistic personalities in the world, recalls in one of her books that «People with autism desperately need guides to instruct and educate them so they will survive in the social jungle». She adds in particular that "Children do not learn by themselves, they must be guided to the exploration and understanding of the world".
Inspired by her words I designed objects that stimulate the senses, offering multiple possibilities of play.

Each object focuses on a single sense:
PROPRIOCEPTION - a soft shape to hug, wear, squeeze;
TASTE - three special lollipop sticks, that transform a “sweet break” into a therapeutic moment;
SMELL - a conical object, resembling Pinocchio's nose and conceals a smell;
SIGHT - a special book, with a lighting sheet between the pages.

I dream of collaborating with professionals who work with developmental, learning, sensorial disorders and to offer my creativity to design together what is really needed. I am open to brainstorming with experts and I look forward to receiving feedback on how to improve these objects and also input for new projects.

«Design starts from a need», and to grasp the most profound and special needs we must observe reality from multiple points of view.

progettare per l'autismo e i disordini sensoriali

Sara De Franceschi

I am a creativity catalyst, a designer and a maker. I graduated in Architecture and I have always been passionate about crafts and technology. I like designing: to start from a problem, do some research and find solutions. I am a multipotentialite and I love using creativity to solve problems and to help people.

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