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Cucciamatic - L'elettrodomestico che mancava
Cucciamatic - L'elettrodomestico che mancava

Cucciamatic - L'elettrodomestico che mancava

Cucciamatic doesn’t only deal with feeding the dog but is also a remotely controllable device.
It is composed by a technological module and by a housing module.
The technical compartment works for the feeding of food and water.
The chassis is made of alluminium and the bodyshell is made of plexiglass, to show all the mechanisms.
On the technical level, Cucciamatic is a set of solutions that uses both rapid prototyping boards (as Arduino Mega and Raspberry Pi) .
The housing module is climate controlled by a coil that warms the floor abd by a temperature and humidity sensor, programmable from the distance. An Android app featuring a graphic interface, permits to monitor food and water supplies, the dog house and to see our pet when is near the structure.

Cucciamatic - L'elettrodomestico che mancava

Daniele Loddo & FabLab Ostia

Daniele Loddo: Electronic and IT since he was a child, with a passion for technology and robotics.
Fablab ostia: Group of students with a passion for electronics, information technology and robotics. The students that attend the FabLab are from different classes and schools, and thanks to the FabLab Ostia they have available a fitted place where meet and work on their project.

  D19 (pav. 7) - Daniele Loddo & FabLab Ostia

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