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Germano Manbot - Il robot che ci mette la faccia
Germano Manbot - Il robot che ci mette la faccia

Germano Manbot - Il robot che ci mette la faccia

Germano Manbot is an anchorman animatrone (it is a bust equipped with hands), which in addition to the automatic reading of the news on robotics and technology, begins to experience a level of interaction with different humans thanks to facial expressions, and movement.

The field of animatronics is currently in great evolution and its future applications may not simply be in the field of entertainment.

The immediacy and physicality of animatronics are the main features of these tools that, together with AI, could soon create real personal assistants available to anyone, even to assisting the elderly or children. A very interesting experimentation is robots and animatron in teaching, where the level of multimedia and interaction can be very high, taking advantage of the all-round involvement of the learner.

For the moment, Germano Manbot has begun to interface with the media world, replacing the classic human anchorman, to read the news from the point of view of the robotic commentator.

In the future it will be essential to deal with the ethics and sociology of robotics, to better understand how human-machine interaction can develop in a fluid and harmonious way, without necessarily becoming a clash of antithesis.

We are only at the dawn of these technologies and the impact on people's lives will be great. For this reason, the evolution of Germano Manbot's project, already in the development phase, foresees the creation of a face very similar to the human one also in the fluidity of movements and expressive capacities, through the use of natural and synthetic materials, with the support for 3D printing and Arduino for movement creation, to interact effectively with people, as these new artificial entities will need to move and behave in line with social expectations.

Maintaining eye contact and conveying meaning through gestures and facial expressions will all be necessary elements of this technology, and this is where animatronics comes into play.

Germano Manbot - Il robot che ci mette la faccia

Fabio Casciabanca

Writer, makers, experimenter: I built virtual worlds, in Second Life, that people could attend online; I tell stories and winning cases every day as Managing Editor of Ninja Marketing; with Jerry Manbot i want to study the (reciprocal) effects of the anthropization of machines.

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