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Fanale posteriore per auto a luce mutevole
Fanale posteriore per auto a luce mutevole

Fanale posteriore per auto a luce mutevole

The common rear lights for cars, whether they are made with common incandescent lamps or LEDs, are designed to have defined areas dedicated to the display of a state (STOP, Reverse, Direction, Position Lights), being designed with the use of elements illuminants capable of emitting only one type of color.
In this project prototypes were made using RGB multi-color LED lighting elements which, being able to vary their emission color, allow us to fully exploit the entire area of ​​the rear light available.
In practice, the LEDs positioned inside the headlight are controlled by a programmable control logic, in this case made with an ATMEGA328P, to turn on in a "changeable" way in relation to the type of command received from the car. The commands to be displayed are simulated by means of a switch control box.
The result is that the various areas of the rear light, no longer dedicated to a single type of signaling, can change their function based on the geometry programmed from time to time in the control logic.
The possibility to always use the maximum possible surface for the display of the driving directions of the car, is to be understood as an improvement of the overall safety of the car that, in this way, will show what is necessary with the maximum effectiveness and brightness possible.

Fanale posteriore per auto a luce mutevole

Pierluigi Zerbini

Married, with two sons. My main job is in telecommunications and information security. I am passionate about everything that is "DIY", from cooking to carpentry through electronics and information technology. I think I was a "maker" from before the term was invented. One of my main goals is to apply technologies to real life. I am also a radio HAM operator, known with the callsign IU0HFV, with particular attention to short wave listening.
I totally agree with the motto: if you have not dismantled it (and maybe broken it) it does not belong to you.

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