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Camillia - Lampada camaleontica
Camillia - Lampada camaleontica

Camillia - Lampada camaleontica

Camillia is an "IKEA Hack". A lamp "Lampan" modified to add new and interesting features. The lamp holder has been replaced with a support that houses two Neopixel LED rings. On the base a support has been applied that contains the electronics necessary for the operation, a color sensor and a battery pack to allow the lamp to work for a few hours even in the absence of mains electricity.
Thus modified, the lamp becomes a furnishing element able to: emit light of any color, produce interesting chromatic effects, change the color emitted with a voice command, all controlled by an Android application, developed with AppInventor.
The most interesting function of the lamp is obtained by using the color sensor inserted in the base that allows you to "read" the color of the table on which it is placed and change the color of the lighting accordingly. You will then have a lamp lit with a light of homogeneous color to that of the plane on which it is placed. By changing the lamp software it is possible to obtain different types of behavior and reactions to adapt to design requests of any kind.
Obviously, if the lamp is put on a "black" color surface, it goes out!
The lamp is controlled with an App via bluetooth for personal use, and Wifi for contexts in which it is necessary to control an even large number of lamps (such as hotels, restaurants, etc.). In the current version all the necessary electronics, including the color sensor, are gathered in a base designed and printed in 3D in order to be hooked to the "Lampan" lamp without the use of glue, screws, etc.

Camillia - Lampada camaleontica

Pierluigi Zerbini

Married, with two sons. My main job is in telecommunications and information security. I am passionate about everything that is "DIY", from cooking to carpentry through electronics and information technology. I think I was a "maker" from before the term was invented. One of my main goals is to apply technologies to real life. I am also a radio HAM operator, known with the callsign IU0HFV, with particular attention to short wave listening.
I totally agree with the motto: if you have not dismantled it (and maybe broken it) it does not belong to you.

  B24 (pav. 8) - Pierluigi Zerbini & Andrea Orazi

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