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Telescopic Yagi
Telescopic Yagi

Telescopic Yagi

The Telescopic Yagi consists of a Yagi-Uda antenna designed for guys who has just entered the world of radio and for the experienced radio amateur looking for news.
There are many advantages, this antenna in particular is:
1) Calibratable, it can be calibrated to any desired frequency;
2) Modular, elements can be added or removed to the antenna in a simple and fast way;
3) Transportable, all the elements can be easily folded up to occupy a reduced space;
4) Economical, all the necessary components are cheap and easily available.

Telescopic Yagi

Michele Conati

I am Michele Conati, I'm 19 and I'm an electronic technician with a passion for radio and astronomy.

  H17 (pav. 6)
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