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Strumento di diagnostica OBD2 da cruscotto
Strumento di diagnostica OBD2 da cruscotto

Strumento di diagnostica OBD2 da cruscotto

This instrument is made with an intelligent serial display / touch screen to which the logic control board made by us has been applied. The produced "sandwich" becomes a diagnostic tool that communicates with the car in OBD2.
Conceived and designed to be as compact as possible, this instrument reads the available information from the car control unit and shows them to the user on the touch screen display. In this way we can have the relevant parameters of the car under control, with the display of information that are normally not available with the standard dashboards. Temperatures and pressures from the various parts of the engine, levels, error conditions, etc. In relation to what is available from the car control unit. This is a project developed over more than a year, which has seen several versions and evolutions. The last one, the one we present at the Maker Faire, also has a three axys (X,Y,Z) acceleration sensor and is ready for a GPS, capable of providing the data necessary for real-time calculation of engine power in Kw or CV. Hardware management board, control software and display programming were made entirely with open source tools.

Strumento di diagnostica OBD2 da cruscotto

Pierluigi Zerbini & Andrea Orazi

We have been work colleagues in the field of computer security for about three years, and electronic DIY enthusiasts at all levels. Our competences and specializations are in some cases complementary and allow us to approach a project always with a global and critical vision. We like to transform "BITs" into something useful that facilitates everyday life. We are always looking for new technological "toys" to be inspire from and to understand how they works.

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