Exhibitors 2019

Aladina - illuminazione di un'idea

Floor lamp handcrafted with iron tubes assembled together in the shape of a bulb lamp. Inside it has been inserted a lighting system consisting of a 10 W LED stick with 2700 K of temperature, all protected by an opaque glass diffuser. To make the lamp switch on remotely, a "Wi Fi remote control" device has been inserted, which can be activated via a dedicated App on mobile devices.

Aladina - illuminazione di un'idea

Astra Tech&Design

They are two friends with the need to combine own knowledges and forces. Giacinto takes care of design and form of the projects and Alessandro studies the technical soul of each them thanks his skills of electronics and not only. Our purpose is to design concept and prototypes, mainly lamp, smart devices and to create unique objects thanks to both specialized artisans and manufacturing companies. To look at the Wearable Design world.

  D15 (pav. 6) - Astra Tech&Design

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