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Erwhi Hedgehog
Erwhi Hedgehog

Erwhi Hedgehog

Erwhi Hedgehog is actually the smallest ROS robot that achieve autonomous navigation and vision tasks.
Erwhi is at the state of art of mobile robotics and is completely open source and open hardware, so you can build yourself!

Erwhi is based on UP2, Intel D435 and AI Core. A custom motor controller based on STM32 and Arduino allows movements.
Erwhi can learn environments keeping memory of 3D maps, detecting objects and understanding how to interact with them.
Erwhi can also navigate completely autonomously.

Come to Officine Robotiche booth to watch Erwhi Hedgehog in action!

learn more at: https://github.com/gbr1/erwhi-hedgehog

Erwhi Hedgehog

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

I'm a Master Degree automation and robotics engineering student at University of Naples Federico II.
Since I was child my life has been around robotics and I'm an active member in open-source and open-hardware communities through no-profit associations in Naples and Rome.
My biggest project is Erwhi, a small open source and hardware SLAM and ML robot.

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