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Open Litio
Open Litio

Open Litio

OPEN LITIO is a battery case that allows you to have a battery without welding, thanks to the use of magnetic joints.
This prototype gives the possibility of replacing individual cells in case of too much wear with new cells creating in effect a battery that can be easily regenerated. The batteries are not damaged during the assembly phase or require a welding machine to be built. All the houses are 3D printed, this makes it possible to easily rebuild your own regenerable battery and at the end of its life recycle it completely.

Open Litio

Reason out Factory

Rof, Reason Out Factory, as the name implies, is intended as a solution factory, especially in the fields of prototyping, 3D modeling and printing. Born in Turin in the summer of 2018 from tree undergraduates student in architecture and engineering the project want to ​​incorporate more and more young enthusiasts into. Untill now is taking its first steps both in the field of prototyping and in the production of gadgets and artistic objects.

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