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Plonat Atek
Plonat Atek

Plonat Atek

Plonat Atek is an "Oscilloscope Music Game" - a digital game that communicates itself to the player only via the stereo headphone
jack. The signal is split, and one of the streams is fed into a pair of headphones that show the game to the player as a melody, interlaced with a series of blips and bursts of noise. The other stream leads into an oscilloscope, that visualises the two channels by moving a dot across the screen in correspondence to the signal. On the screen, the game manifests as a ball bouncing around in a circular version of Breakout.

Both the oscilloscope and the speakers are analog devices that interpret the signal and generate a representation of the game. The representations are based on interrelated properties of the same signal. Thus, the relationship between the audio and visual components is not merely designed, rather the two emerge from identical information: In Plonat Atek, the sound is designed to be seen and the visuals are designed to be heard. For example the blip heard when the ball bounces is the distortion seen in the same moment, and the noise heard when the ball is lost is visible as a glitch on the oscilloscope.

Plonat Atek

Sol Bekic

Sol Bekic (*1997) is an Austrian media artist and game designer based in
Cologne, Germany. Currently pursuing a BA in games, he has turned away
from the classic digital game to find more tangible, engaging and
performative formats.

With an interest in computers and technology from a young age, he tries to
capture the nature of his and other’s human-machine relationships. Drawing
from both modern and obsolete technology, he aims not to hide complexity,
but to expose inner-workings to build a connection to the devices surrounding
us. He explores the fringes of technology, interactivity and art as well as
personal conflicts between digital/analog, controlled/improvised, and

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