Exhibitors 2019



3D printing in large format is possible and you need to know how to deal with all the complex technical aspects that the challenge requires.
FabFactory shows how you can face them by creating the largest winged Gundam ever printed in 3D before ... over 4m
The right materials and the appropriate technical skills let us do it. The best materials for this challenge are sponsored by Filoalfa



FabFactory S.R.L.

Fabfactory is the start-up of design and Digital Manufacturing. We are a bridge that connects the "fab lab design process" with the industry, developing solutions for designers, artisans and entrepreneurs to improve their projects. Fabfactory was born with the aim of spreading and developing at its customers, digital manufacturing culture and services for the creation of prototypes, craft and industrial products, pilot series and highly customized small productions. The mission of FabFactory is to promote design processes collaborative based on a networked system between companies to encourage user innovation for users, which is why we are fully committed to spreading Knowledge and Innovation. In our workshops the projects are developed from the idea to the realization.

  E5 (pav. 8) - FabFactory S.R.L.

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