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Hortextreme -  L'Orto per ogni Spazio
Hortextreme -  L'Orto per ogni Spazio

Hortextreme - L'Orto per ogni Spazio

We have focused our project on the production of microgreens that are leafy vegetables harvested as seedlings 7-15 days after germination, highly acceptable by consumers as Ready To Eat (RTE) food because tender, tasty, and visually attractive. They are promoted by scientific reports as an highly nutritious and healthy food product, being an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants in concentrations from 4 to 40 times higher than in mature plants. Microgreens are best suited for the production of leafy vegetables in that they are: i) short in height (7-12 cm), adaptable to multitier cultivation racks; ii) fast growing (7-21 days); iii) performing well under low light intensity and at a high plant density; iv) high added-value product because fresh, clean, nutritious, and pesticide free; v) amenable to quality improvement by environmental control and led light.

Hortextreme -  L'Orto per ogni Spazio

Laboratorio Biotecnologie - Divisione Biotecnologie e Agroindustria ENEA

The biotechnology laboratory are focused on research, development and transfer activities in the fields of new biotechnologies for molecular diagnostics of agri-food productions: green biotech, red biotech and nano-biotech.
The biotechnologies research areas are developed by biotechnology platform for the application of “omic” sciences to agri-food diagnostics and the improvement of cultivated plants and biotechnology platform for the formulation of new generation, plant-produced biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

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