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IMAGINARY, Interagire con la Matematica

IMAGINARY, Interagire con la Matematica

Interacting with Mathematics with the apps of IMAGINARY.org, a space made to explore the world of mathematics, and open to all through the web. IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization for open and interactive mathematics, initiated at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany.
SURFER is the app to explore the relation between formulas and geometric form in an interactive way. Visitors will enter simple equations producing beautiful surfaces in space.

MATH to TOUCH is a collection of small apps to explore relation between music and mathematics,
visualize Platonic solids, and much more.

Activity will be projected on a large screen and shared among all the visitors.


IMAGINARY, Interagire con la Matematica

Luciano Teresi, Beatrice Beco, Gianclaudio Petrazzini, Federica Fino, Raffaele Carbone, Fabrizio Anella, Angeloni Sabina, Lucio Zaccardelli, Valeria Cinelli

Luciano Teresi is professor of Mathematical-Physics at the Dept. of Mathematics & Physics of Roma Tre University; he is a member of the PhD School in Mathematics mand coordinator of the Lab of Computational Sciences. At present, he is responsible of
a research unit of the National Research Project (PRIN) on "Mathematics of active materials: From mechanobiology to smart devices".
Beatrice Beco, Valeria Cinelli, Federica Fino, Lucio Zaccardelli are graduate
students in the Master degree in Computational Sciences.
Gianclaudio Petrazzini is a graduate student in the Master degree in Mathematics.
Fabrizio Anella, Raffaele Carbone, Angeloni Sabina are PhD students in Mathematics.

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