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Audiolino BRICK
Audiolino BRICK

Audiolino BRICK

Designed to be fitted in small boxes Audiolino Brick is the ultimate board for your next smart audio project!
Audiolino Brick can be used in stomp-boxes, speaker crossovers and audio effect units.
We know well the complexity of audio algorithms design then our idea is to provide you a board that doesn't require programming skills and can be easily integrated in most DIY projects.
This way you can focus on other main tasks of your idea like product design and mostly save time and effort!
Free your fantasy: Audiolino Brick is the solution and is waiting you!

Audiolino BRICK

Audiolino Team

Audiolino team is made up of embedded systems design experts.
Both for projects realized and passion, the audio and music sector is the area of greatest interest.
Andrea Paterniani
Master's degree in Electronics
SWAPP Engineering co-founder
Main skills: FPGA design, FW design, Signal Processing, RTOS, Linux
Gianandrea Cocchi
Master's degree in Electronics
SWAPP Engineering co-founder
Main skills: senior embedded and PC desktop application designer
Giuliano Talacci
Electronic hardware designer
Main skills: Senior analog and digital sytems design, high speed embedded systems design, product industrialization

Marco Del Fiasco
Master's degree in Electronics
Embedded systems senior firmware designer
Main skills: FW design, Signal Processing, RTOS, Music

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