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S.H.A.RE. Sport Highlight Automatic REcap
S.H.A.RE. Sport Highlight Automatic REcap

S.H.A.RE. Sport Highlight Automatic REcap

The S.H.A.RE. is a device designed to help photographers sell images during events directly in the field.
It has been used with great success during world-class competitions such as the "world Open" of inline figure skating in Cork (Ireland) and the World Pole Competition in Tarragona (Spain) both events of 2018
Thanks to this system the photos are directly loaded into the infrastructure by the various devices scattered in the event area, both wirelessly and wired.
The system generates a network that is both wifi and wired completely automatically, allowing tablets, computers and telephones to view photos, search and make orders simply by starting the device. The whole project is designed to minimize user interaction. Just start the system and wait for the end of the boot in order to have the platform fully functional and able to accept connections both for loading images / videos by operators and for user consultation.
A 3D printer was fundamental for the development of the prototype of the case and the entire project uses open hardware and open software components in every aspect of its operation.
The project is still undergoing rapid development.

S.H.A.RE. Sport Highlight Automatic REcap

Liberini Giorgio

I was born on 29/07/1981, graduated in electronics and telecommunications in 2001.
I currently work as a system administrator, i'm a freshman in physics and a figure skater too.

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