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PLAY IT: Gajarda Driverless
PLAY IT: Gajarda Driverless

PLAY IT: Gajarda Driverless

In 2019 Sapienza Corse with its racecar Gajarda faces the autonomous driving challenge by racing within the “driverless” category where self-driving vehicles run on the same tracks of human-driven cars. The aim is to build an open-wheel formula-style vehicle with which racing against other university teams from all over the world.
The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the students with the best overall performance in design, building and managing their project. Creating winning solutions from limited resources is not only an exciting challenge but mainly an educational intensive experience, which severely trains the engineers of tomorrow.

PLAY IT: Gajarda Driverless

Sapienza Corse Racing Team

In 2008, Sapienza Corse has been founded by a group of students moved by the ambition of transforming their studies into a chance of becoming involved in an international design competition. Since then, it has grown up and won several trophies.

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