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Mostly printed electric mountain-board
Mostly printed electric mountain-board

Mostly printed electric mountain-board

I designed and made an easy to replicate, mostly 3D printed and cheap electric mountain-board.
My board is powered by an sk3 motor manufactured by Turnigy delivering an output power of 1000W, the board theoretical speed is 32km/h and the energy is given by 6 Ni-MH batteries each giving 9.6V and 5Ah in a 2s3p configuration for a total of 288Wh. This project proves the durability and strenght of the 3D printed parts but also the cheapness of the electric micro-mobility, I was able to put this together with less than 300 euros (utilizing temporary offers and sales).

Mostly printed electric mountain-board

Valerio Di Paola

My name is Valerio Di Paola, I'm from Rome (Italy), I'm 16 and I attend a scientific high school. I started being a maker when I was young, beginning with Lego and Lego Mindstorms at the age of 8. I'm in 3D printing hobby since late 2017, when I also started this project and several others. I attended to all the Makers Faire events held in Rome up to now and always desired to get involved.

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