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Lanciatore elettromagnetico didattico per lo Spazio

Taking advantage of the relatively low lunar gravity, Space Transportation programs (e.g. NASA) have proposed Electromagnetic Launchers (EML) for use on the Moon to fuel interplanetary probes, sending Lunar-produced fuel to space. Electromagnetic propulsion system such as the one we propose for education, may be easily built in any school lab, yet they have the potential to connect high school students with challenging concept in electromagnetism, celestial mechanics, renewable energies, optimal use of resources, electronics, all in a very stimulating educational package.

Lanciatore elettromagnetico didattico per lo Spazio

Alberto Bigazzi e gli studenti del Plinio.

Alberto Bigazzi is a teacher in Mathematics and Physics at High School. He is currently at Liceo Scientifico Plinio Seniore in Rome. He is a solar physicist and has been involved in proposals of satellites for the study of the Solar Activity

  D28 (pav. 7) - Alberto Bigazzi

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