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Squeezer 46
Squeezer 46

Squeezer 46

Squeezer 46 is a device for wringing out sponges and rags for people who don't have the full mobility of their hands.
It's made in two parts, the "body" and the "piston".
The "body" has the function to contain the sponge/rag while the "piston" works as a little horizontal press, giving the user the wringing out needed.
It's perfectly transportable everywhere there is a basin or a washbasin.


Squeezer 46

Francesca Bollito, Andrea Castelli, Federica Padovano, Eleonora Ferrero, Victoria Lopez, Ettore Fassino (Tutor), Gaia Marchetti (Tutor)

We are four students from the Polytechnic of Turin from the first and the third year whom, thanks to Hackability4Polito, we were able to meet and test ourselves in the creation of this little device.

  A16 (pav. 6) - Hackability, Associazione Senza Fine di Lucro

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