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uECG - smallest open hardware low energy ECG
uECG - smallest open hardware low energy ECG

uECG - smallest open hardware low energy ECG

uECG is a compact wearable ECG measurement device that measures ECG and stress levels, collects raw data and sends it to either a mobile device or computer for further use. It is open source and can be used, modified and replicated freely.

The device is small, roughly 63x22mm, has 9 hours of battery power, and accepts any commercial wet snap-on electrodes. The device works with a mobile app or a desktop monitor app and base station combo: the mobile app is connected to just one device, while the base station can receive signals from up to 8 devices simultaneously. Together with measuring ECG, the device can measure a person's stress level by measuring BPM and R-R variation and compiling these measurements. It can be used while running or with any other dynamic activities, unlike traditional ECG devices.

The device is an open source platform intended for makers, developers or medical professionals interested in a small and simple ECG measurement device that can have multiple applications in the future, and can be modified freely.

uECG - smallest open hardware low energy ECG

Ultimate Robotics

Ultimate Robotics is a team from Kyiv, Ukraine, focused on open source robotics, biosignals, and medical biotech devices. Founded in 2012, we've been working on public and commercial projects in robotics and wearables, and are currently working on several of our own projects. We believe that technology should be free, that it can improve the human condition, and that it should be freely shared with everyone. Currently we focus on biosignal measurement devices, such as ECG/EEG/EMG wearables and sensors, and their practical applications.

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