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SMART EXTENSION: an intelligent device for PLC cyber security

SMART EXTENSION: an intelligent device for PLC cyber security

The Smart Extension device is a security device able to stop attacks to an Industrial Controller (PLC) using several techniques including deep packet inspection and process modeling. Such device is useful in contexts where the industrial network is almost insecure or a misuse of the process is possible from an attacker. Several attacks are recognized as well as several misuse malicious strategies. The device has been designed with the contribution of H2020 project ATENA.

SMART EXTENSION: an intelligent device for PLC cyber security

Prof. Stefano Panzieri, Ing. Chiara Foglietta, Ing. Riccardo Colelli, Ing. Cosimo Palazzo

Stefano Panzieri is associate professor of Automatic Control at Department of Engineering of the University of ROMA TRE. He is coordination of Ph.D. programme in Computer Science and Automation (since 2008), vicepresident of “Comitato Unico di Garazia” of ROMA TRE (since 2015), has been a member of the Working group on Critical Infrastructures of Prime Minister Council and has been member of the Working group on Cyber Security National Strategies of Prime Minister Council. He is the director of MCIPlab, Models for Critical Infrastructure Protection laboratory and the Automation Laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students. He teaches Industrial Automation Control Systems – SCADA, Fundamentals of Automatic Control, Automatic Control, and Distributed Control for Large Infrastructures. Main areas of research include Flexible Robots, Mobile Robotics, Sensor Networks, Complex Networks, Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, and Critical Infrastructures Protection. He published 41 journal papers, and co-authored more than 110 international conference papers. He has been scientific coordinator of many EU projects.

Chiara Foglietta is not-tenured Assistant Professor at Department of Engineering of University of “Roma Tre”. Her research interests are in the field of control of smart power systems, hierarchical state estimators and information fusion algorithms, especially Evidence Theory. She teaches “Industrial Control Systems” at University “Roma Tre”.

Riccardo Colelli is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Automation from University “Roma Tre”. He has obtained bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and he has obtained master’s degree top grade in Management and Automation Engineering. The field of his research is focused on cybersecurity in industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. His research has allowed him to publish several articles in an international context. He was involved through university in the European project H2020 ATENA for detect and mitigate cyber attacks.

Cosimo Palazzo currently works at the Department of Engineering Computer Science and Automation, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre. Cosimo does research in the field of Computer Engineering, Risk Analysis/Assessment methodologies, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) , Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. He has involved in some European projects as: FACIES, CockpitCI FP7, URANIUM and ATENA H2020. Currently, he is involved in 5G TELCO Critical Infrastructure project RESISTO H2020. Web: http://www.cosimopalazzo.com

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