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Room Service 4.0 (ITS 4.0)

"Ma.Dì - Maggiordomo Digitale" is an application that guests can use inside the rooms of the accommodation facility.
Using the TV in the room, through the simple remote control, guests can interact with the reception, view and book services and products, discover all that a structure and its territory have to offer.
With very few steps you can organize your day quickly and easily!
The goal of this digital tool is, for the guest, to get in tune with the structure, helping him to get to know the various services, thus making reservations easier. For the structure, increase cross-selling, customer loyalty, optimize work management, promote the digitization of the sector, limit the waste of printed paper, thus managing to pay particular attention to environmental sustainability.
Ma.Dì, through a back office platform, can be managed directly by the secretarial staff, who will receive a notification at every booking request, making immediate communication between the guest and the structure.
Trust Ma.Di, it will be your digital butler!

Room Service 4.0 (ITS 4.0)

ITS Turismo Marche

Higher technical institute for innovative technologies for cultural assets and activities - tourism - Marche, based in Pesaro.

  D5 (pav. 6) - ITS 4.0

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