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Sustainfashionable Car
Sustainfashionable Car

Sustainfashionable Car

Study and design of fabrics for car interiors with completely recycled materials and respecting the technical parameters of the regulations governing the production of such textiles.
Fabric collection for automotive made with regenerated wool mixed with recycled polyester in collaboration with the Italian section of the company Aunde Italia SpA, with Marchi & Fildi and with an automobile production company.

Sustainfashionable Car

ITS TAM Biella

The Technical Institute Foundation for New Technologies for the Made in Italy Fashion System, present in Biella, located on Corso Pella 10, provides higher technical education courses in the textile sector. The courses are for all students with a Higher Secondary diploma and are fully funded by the Region of Piemonte. The program is for two years and consists of approximately 1000 hours of class lectures, including laboratory studies and 800 hours of internship. The internships are periodically organized together with the textile companies.
The structure is equipped with a secretariat's office, a management office, a meeting room, four lecture rooms, a CAD computer lab, as well as, a room dedicated to students for breaks.

  D9 (pav. 6)
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