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Boox ITS 4.0

Boox ITS 4.0

Boox Vending 4.0
Since 1953, vending machines continue to function in the same way.
Boox offers an advantageous experience for both users and sellers
How does boox work?
• Download the BOX app on your smartphone
• Release the door with a QR code
• Choose the product
• Pay by closing the door
This method is already active in China in some smart distributors.
The ITS Foundation Steve Jobs with Paradigma company succeeded in a few months to develop a working prototype.
The automatic vending machines installed in 2018 in Italy are 805,431 with a turnover of more than 1.8 billion euros


Boox ITS 4.0

Il progetto è stato realizzato da un team distudenti e docenti della Fondazione ITS Steve Jobs in collaborazione con Paradigma soc. coop con sede a Catania

The Foundation/ Higher Technical Education Institute Steve Jobs www.stevejobs.academy provides postgraduate training courses, corresponding to academic courses. It trains in strategic technogical areas in order to respond to jobmarket and business demands for new and highly qualified technical and technological skills.
Its aims are the following ones:
• to disseminate technical and scientific culture
• to support measures for economic development and active job policy
• to foster the integration among education, training and labour systems
• to provide people, young people, with a wide range of training opportunities in qualifying and upgrading their own skills and abilities according to labour market demands or individual expectations.
Paradigma. www.paradigma.me
It is a team born in 2014 that imagines and develops digital solutions for companies.
Through different skills and backgrounds he designs services and products for customers following Agile methodologies.

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