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Custom Suite (ITS4.0)
Custom Suite (ITS4.0)

Custom Suite (ITS4.0)

Evolution of innovative and personalizable custom solutions of the traditional jacket, with new and unexplored sensory details, customizable and smart.
Digital manufactoring of men's sartorial jacket, through its breakdown and redesign of details to evolve the classic garment with technological techniques and fabrics. The customization is total and takes place through an accurate choice of customizable details and the use of rapid prototyping software for the redesign and immediate customization of the garment on the user.
The reference personas are two:
- Amedeo, a young 28-year-old representative who always travels and wants to look his best, rediscovers the classic garment with a sartorial base and technological details for a timeless elegance.
- Francesco, an avant-garde 56-year-old architect who hates the bag, thanks to a technological garment with sartorial details, rediscovers an innovative elegance, with high wearability and integrated technology.
There will be a technician who will make the jacket project customizable, through a 3D redesign of the details aimed at the present users.

Custom Suite (ITS4.0)

ITS Moda Pescara

Its Moda Pescara

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