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Ï€Ton is an intriguing sound installation; it constitutes a new stage in the Cod.Act researches on plastic and sound organicity. It results from an experiment on the relation between the distortion of an elastic structure and a real time human voice synthesis.

A long rubber tube, closed in a loop, is animated by contortions and undulations like an invertebrate body. Surrounded by a group of four dumb human beings equipped with loudspeakers, the creature seems to try to release itself from this disturbing presence in vain. Its efforts and sufferings excite the curiosity of the four human beings and become the subject of primary and sophisticated polyphonic rituals only constituted by synthesized voices.

From raw materials and natural physical phenomena, πTon associates organic movement and vocal expression under their most primitive forms. The result is a striking sound and visual event that sends the spectator back to the origins of his behaviour.


Cod.Act (André Décosterd + Michel Décosterd)

André Décosterd

1967 Born in Le Locle (CH)
1984-1988 Apprenticeship in organ factoring, Neuchâtel (CH)
1995 Diploma from the Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle (Ejma) in Lausanne (CH)
1997 Founds the group Cod.Act with Michel Décosterd
since 1997 Musician and composer. Specialises in computer programming of musical applications. Studies composition systems specific to electroacoustic and contemporary music, in particular algorithmic composition.

Michel Décosterd

1969 Born in Le Locle (CH)
1994 Diploma of architecture at the Engineering school of Biel (CH)
1997 Founds the group Cod.Act with André Décosterd
since 1997 Plastic artist. He begins with photography and builts kinetic devices that produce moving images from light and translucent material. After that, he leave the field of image and aquires more competences in the area of materials technology and mechanics. He focuses his plastic researches on the machine and particularly on the movement. Invents and builds kinetic sculptures.

  F19 (pav. 6) - Cod.Act (André Décosterd + Michel Décosterd)

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