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Electronic Swim Trainer
Electronic Swim Trainer

Electronic Swim Trainer

Electronic Swim Trainer is a system for real-time monitoring of swimmer training performance. The system is based on an addressable strip led, protected by a water-proof silicone sheath (IP68), placed on the bottom of the swimming pool along its entire length and fixed with suction cups.
The LED strip is connected by a cable that comes out of the water to a sealed case (IP67) containing the control circuit.
The suitcase is provided with a control panel that is visible when it is open.
The whole system can be set via App which is connected via Bluetooth to the circuit in the suitcase.
The beam of light created by the incremental switching of 12 LEDs, that runs on the bottom of the swimming pool at the speed and for the number of preset pools. The athlete's task is to stay above the light and then swim at the set speed; this allows the swimmer to realize if the rhythm of the swim is consistent with the one decided or if it is too slow or fast.

Electronic Swim Trainer is based on the review of the "Virtual SWIM trainer" product of Indicotech

Electronic Swim Trainer

Luca Brighenti

Luca Brighenti was born in Clusone on 04/27/1999. He lives in Villa d'Ogna, a small mountain village in Bergamo. He attended I.T.S Elettronica at the “Istituto Statale d'Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "Valle Seriana". He is now attending Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Pavia.
He has always been passionate about electronics and he is a swimmer; he practiced this sport for 12 years at a competitive level and that's why he wanted to make this device, to merge his two passions into a concrete project.

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