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The GrassRoller is a mechanical device in which a roll of grass moves over the participant’s body.
The machine consists of an horizontal platform, an aluminium structure and a 6 feet wooden roller covered with a layer of lawn activated by an hand-crank activated mechanism. The participant lies on the aluminum bench and upon pushing a lever, waits for the roller to slide upon his body. The uncanny experience lasts for about 3 seconds.

This Rube Goldberg machine-like contraption plays with irony on the ambiguous relationship between human and his environment: a contraption whose only purpose is to evenly, relentlessly roll green turf over your body.
This contraption, so predominant and grand in its scale, evokes fear and a potential of bliss that resemble the legacy of the bachelor machines: from Kafka’s “In The Penal Colony”, via Raymond Roussel, and Duchamp to Tinguely.
United States


Mattia Casalegno

Mattia Casalegno is an Italian interdisciplinary artist, live-media performer and installation artist. His multidisciplinary work is influenced by both post-conceptual and digital art, and has been defined relational, immersive, and participatory. His practice explores the effects new media have on our societies, investigating the relationships between technology, the objects we create, and our subjectivities.

Casalegno exhibited in more than 70 international institutions, among others: MACRO Museum Rome, Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, Auditorium, Hadrian Temple, RomaEuropa Festival, Sant’Arcangelo dei Teatri, Netmage festival (Italy), Mutek Festival (Canada), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), Chronus Art Center (China), UPDATE Biennial, Cimatics Festival, Nuit Blanche Brussels (Belgium), Optronica Festival (UK), Le Cube Contemporary Art Museum (France), OFFF Festival (Spain), The Satellite Art Fair, AxS Festival, YAA Museum, LACMA in US.

His work is been featured internationally in publications and catalogues such as “A Touch of Code”, Gestalten Books; “New Media Design”, Sometti; and “Deleuze and Audiovisual Art”, Manchester Metropolitan University, and on media outlets as the Wall Street Journal, Art Tribune, the Creators Projects, Creative Applications, Hyperallergic, Digicult, Art F City, We Make Money not Art, e-artnow.
Nominated to the New Technological Art Awards in 2014 and artist is residence at Eyebeam in 2015. He received various grants and fellowships from, among others: the CCI - Center for Cultural Innovation, GAI - Young Italian Artists Network, NASCA/NYFA and the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. In 2015 he co-founded the artist space “Roomservice’ in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently faculty at the department of Digital Arts, Pratt Institute, and the Computation, Technology and Culture department at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

  A14 (pav. 3) - Mattia Casalegno

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