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Ephemera is an interactive installation that speculates about data, its control and manipulation.
It is an olfactory artwork that allows digital images to be "distilled" and transformed into fragrances to be experienced with one's own nose.

Visitors are invited to choose an image on your own smartphone and put on the installation. Ephimera will associate the image colors into a mix of fragrances, translating the digital pictures into a physical perfume to smell.

Therefore, each fragrance is personalized and unique and the action of breathing makes the element tangible with the sense of smell, stimulating memory, a fragment lived and visual imagery, making the experience unique.


Martin Romeo

Martin Romeo (www.martinromeo.com) is an Italian-Argentinian visual artist and interaction designer; his research is focused on data representation in forms and interactions that range from multimedia installations to performing arts.
Artistic director and founder of the Toolkit Festival in Venice, he exposed his works in important international contexts. He teaches new paths of creative communication related to experimental technology in different Universities. He is coordinator and teacher at IED University in Venice and professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, as well as a member of the Leonardo Group of Science Gallery Venice.
He has represented the Veneto Region at Italian Pavilion for Expo 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) and he has curated the multimedial project at the Venice Pavilion for La Biennale di Venezia 2018.

Martin Romeo Artist - 3D Printing
Matteo Silverio Designer
Giovanni Sgambato Creative Coding
Carmine De Rosa Technical Integration
Vincenzo Bellizzi Modeling

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