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Slavery of a shadow
Slavery of a shadow

Slavery of a shadow

A masked, censored character who uses art as a tool to propose ways of accessing his essence. The need to express oneself, dragging and transporting one's own story, tools, trying to represent what is real and what one is supposed to be.
The condition of the artist is accompanied by the soundscape, where the users themselves will be incorporated into this status and immersed in its reworking.
A poetic act perpetually in progress is that of the passage of a shadow that breaks the stifling patterns for those laboriously seeking the truth.

Slavery of a shadow

Pier Alfeo

The Italian electronic composer and sound artist, Pier Alfeo (Class 1985) approaches the studies of sound initially self-taught, and then attends courses in electronic music at the "N. Piccinni" Conservatory of Bari, where he currently studies Composition, Musical Informatics and Multimedia.

The aim of his research is to understand the complex morphology of state changes related to the language of sound events and how these behave both at the micro-structural and macro-structural levels, through the perception and the mathematical-scientific-technological notions. As experimenter and researcher of sound, he investigates the psychophysical conditions of individuals related to human activities that directly or indirectly alter the environment and human consciousness: the intent is precisely to discover how artistic languages ​​could heal and balance the aforementioned alterations. His composition works range from experimental electronic music and electro-acoustic pieces to mechanical automations, audio / video and live electronics for immersive purposes, pushing avant-garde into art and music.

Creates sound sculptures and visual works related to sound behavior, paying particular attention to the consequences of automation systems, the introduction of machines in human existence and the technological process, making use of computer systems and concrete sounds in order to create a dialogue between organic behaviors and programming languages.

He has performed audio / video and live electronics shows for various events throughout Europe such as NODE15 Frankfurt Festival, TheRestIsNoise at the "Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ" in Amsterdam, FLUSSI Festival in Avellino (IT), LiveCinema Festival in Rome. He shared the stage with artists such as Robert Henke, Murcof, Dadub, Clock DVA, Demdike Stare, Fennesz, Lillevan, Roly Porter, Rashad Becker, 1024 Architecture, Mike Cooper and many others.

In 2018 he received the honorable mention for Sound Art Installations, with the work "Interferences Quartet", at the MA / IN Matera Intermedia Festival, CoMatera2019 Project, ranking for the second prize, alongside the winners Cod.Act, with an international jury consisting of Yan Maresz, Justè Janulyté, Manuela Blackburn, Jogoda Szmytka, Candas Sisman, Alexander Khubeev, Matteo Franceschini, Stefan Prins and Cathy Van Eck.

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