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Shokk - Macchina per la sferificazione alimentare
Shokk - Macchina per la sferificazione alimentare

Shokk - Macchina per la sferificazione alimentare

Here's the Device that will completely change the world of Spherification.
What is Spherification? A culinary technique used in the world of cocktails to shape liquids into edible-gelatin spheres of various flavors and texture. Sadly, it has its limitations.
Retaining purity of spherified chosen ingredients it's impossible, alcoholic beverages above 20% volume do not spherify, and neither do acidic substances. Spherification creates solid and sweetened products through a long and complicated preparation.
These limitations no longer exist.
Thanks to the creation of these patented Basic-Gel and Device, making spheres is now so easy anyone can do it.
Any kind of liquid can now be enclosed into edible membranes, with no limitations and without altering its organoleptic properties.
Spheres can now be made with: any kind of fruit juice, alcoholic beverages at any volume, creams, extracts and herbal teas of all sorts.
These spheres are stable, may be more or less resistant to meet specific demands, they are easy to manage and it takes less than 10 seconds to make one!

Shokk - Macchina per la sferificazione alimentare

Stefano Cimei, Andrea Ugolini.

Andrea Ugolini. Born in Rome on 24/05/1990. Interested since childhood in science and technology, He graduate in molecular biology with the highest marks at the University of Roma Tre, and filed his first patent application on 24/03/2017; then four months later followed the foundation of iSpherea, the patent holder innovative company of which He is co-founder. Today the company works horizontally with chemical, biological, medical and rapid prototyping technologies. On 09/17/2019 He followed an Italian patent application for an intravascular device for reducing ischemic risk in open-heart operations.

Stefano Cimei has been working in the marketing and advertising sector for over 15 years, today he is the creative director and he follows various entrepreneurial projects. He always put his creative abilities at the customers’ service and innovative projects. Shokk represents his first personal challenge in which he has mainly taken charge of the mechanical part of the process.

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