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Spider-AI: da un grande potere una grande responsabilità

Spider-AI: da un grande potere una grande responsabilità

Ethical and Governance considerations for the AI ​​- The Open Scale project.
Artificial intelligence and ethics: new paradigms.
AI produces many new opportunities but also concerns and fears. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence is radically changing every activity and every role. But who will decide how to use these technologies? And who will guarantee that their use is correct and in compliance with ethical principles?
Fairness is to ensure that a code is sound by design, security is to ensure that a code cannot be altered. Having machines, codes, algorithms that produce different results from those expected is a problem that can be induced by bad programming (once the only problem of developers and debuggers) but also by a "bad" training (phenomenon of bias in AI) or by deliberate "contamination" (cyber attacks and hacking). The topic of ethics in a broad sense (producing and executing quality results) is at the center of the discussion when it comes to automation, from artificial intelligence to security.

IBM is leading an Open Source project that merged into the Watson OpenScale product (https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-openscale/) which aims to detect Bias within ML models to allow you to 'correct' them to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

Spider-AI: da un grande potere una grande responsabilità

Ennio Picarelli - IBM

Client Technical Advisor
IBM, Rome (Italy) since 1988, before Designer at Aerospace Company
Digital Transformation technical Architect for the Italian Public Sector. Business Development, design, engineering and delivery support of innovative solutions on Cloud (public, private, hybrid), AI, Blockchain, DEVOPS.
He worked for most of the Government's customers and, for long periods, acting as a technical advisor for IBM of some of the most important acquiring a cross knowledge of this sector.
Technical Sales Leader for IBM Public Sector Italy.

  Ennio Picarelli - IBM

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