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The functionalities are manifold, as well as the areas of use: just think that postural abnormalities can be predictive of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. An instrument of this kind could allow us to provide an effective therapy even for this proprosite but with a playful aspect very useful especially for children. There are already computerized platforms that allow the reading of data, but they are expensive solutions (thousands of euros) that very often are not within the reach of small offices and clinics, as in the case of my rehabilitation.

In this regard, the Kineboard module is a very low cost solution based on Arduino and enclosed in a 3D printed body, which offers:

    Reading data in real time through accelerometers / gyroscopes
    Creation of maps, graphs and patient reports
    "Therapeutic" video games with which to interact through the movement on the platform with ad hoc calculated goals
    Creation of rankings and histories to map patient progress
    Wireless Bluetooth connection
    Web platform that does not require installation


Marco Ferrantini

Marco Ferrantini is a student enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome

  A2 (pav. 7)
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