Exhibitors 2019



At the Sapienza computer science department we have reproduced an artificial intelligence able to learn to play the Othello independently, using computational resources accessible to anyone: a laptop and free cloud computing platforms.

The AI ​​is called OLIVAW, and at the Maker Faire 2019 you can challenge it for the first time. To what degree of difficulty will you be able to beat it? You can also find out everything
on its functioning with the author.
In a talk we will instead talk about the genesis of OLIVAW, we will start from why today the games are at the center of progress in artificial intelligence and we will end with the most exciting moments of the challenges between OLIVAW and Alessandro Di Mattei, Italian champion of Othello 2019, and Michele Borassi , world champion 2008.


Antonio Norelli

Computer science department

  A2 (pav. 7) - Sapienza Università di Roma - Saperi&Co

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