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Leaf Life is a kit of tasting, recycling and sowing, aimed at the home recycling of infusion waste, with which you can
get vases in biomaterial. The project stems from the reflection on the gravity of environmental pollution and the need to
to sensitize buyers on the subject, making them understand the potential value of organic waste. Inside the kit
(made with recyclable materials), an instruction booklet, infusion sachets, a mold, sachets of
seeds, plant marks. Based on the information provided in the booklet, after tasting the infusions, a recipe is followed
it allows to obtain a compound to be poured into the mold, so as to recycle the waste obtaining biodegradable vessels. Yes
then plant the seeds of aromatic herbs which, once grown, can be used to enrich new teas. The vase
it can also be buried becoming nourishment for the plant: this demonstrates the circularity of biomaterials.
The kit contains: an instruction booklet, 20 sachets of infusions (5 for each type: black tea, green tea, karkadè, chamomile),
one mold, 20 sachets of seeds (5 for each type: passionflower, valerian, dill, thyme), 10 marks plants.
Various types of paper and cardboard were used to make the box, the bags, the plant signs and the instruction booklet; mold made of PL


Lucia F. A. Mafodda

Industrial Design student

  A2 (pav. 7)
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