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Trattore sensorizzato per analisi ergonomica e agricoltura di precisione
Trattore sensorizzato per analisi ergonomica e agricoltura di precisione

Trattore sensorizzato per analisi ergonomica e agricoltura di precisione

The activity consists in the use of pressure sensors applied to a seat for agricultural tractor cabins. The project is realized by CREA-IT. The acquisition system, consisting of two mats with more than 1000 sensors, allows to have a map of the pressures exerted by the operator's body on the seat and on the seat backrest.
It is currently used in experimental projects to assess seat comfort, both in the diagnostic and design phases. The false color map obtained in real time from the sensors and projected to a screen, allows the interception of areas of the body that receive excessive pressures or whose pressures persist for prolonged times. The public can be given the opportunity to try the "sensorized" seat and, with the support of the demonstrator, to see projected its own map of body pressures on the seat which will depend on the mass of the body but also on the movements used to move the eventual levers. The perception of comfort helps the overall awareness of the workstation and raises awareness about the importance of instrument ergonomics. At the same time the tractor will be equipped with sensors capable of acquiring information about the surrounding vegetation for the awareness of the plant mass and the physical characteristics of the crop. In this way the operator and especially the machine connected to the tractor can size the process according to the color of the vegetation, the temperature and humidity of the air and the vegetation mass.

Trattore sensorizzato per analisi ergonomica e agricoltura di precisione


Carlo Bisaglia: he is working at the CREA since 08/10/1988. Currently senior researcher at the Treviglio site, where he is also the scientific director. The research activity is articulated in the study of technological innovations on machines for the livestock farm, on precision agriculture and on agricultural tractors (safety and ergonomics).
Elia Premoli: he works at the (CREA), the Treviglio site since 2011, with duties as a specialized technician in the following sectors: a) management and maintenance of complex agricultural and forestry driving and operating machines for experimental purposes; b) realization and assembly of experimental machinery and equipment suitable for the survey of data in the field and laboratory; c) operation and maintenance of specific operating machines for the maintenance of external test areas such as tracks and agricultural plots.
Stefano Basile: he works at the CREA.IT, based in Treviglio (BG) since1980. The main competences concern: ISTAT data processing, cooperation with civil protection and with ARPA Lombardia, hydrogeological monitoring using innovative tools.

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