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The Josè Angelino and Simone Pappalardo propose a sound installation composed by several elements that recreate a self-organizated system. This system is composed by independent sound installations that interact each other strongly . Each installation modifies its parameters, looking for an unstable and temporary equilibrium point, responding to the solicitations of the other elements and trying to adapt to any perturbations of the enviroinment in which the installation is setting up.

This generates a continuously evolving musical form in which different sound generation mechanisms merge, producing a vocabulary of electromechanical timbres in continuous transformation.


Josè Angelino / Simone Pappalardo

Simone Pappalardo graduated in electronic music with honors at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Rome.
His research starts from timbre with particular focus on the physical processes that generate it, also through electronic musical instruments design, sound art installations project, live performance and through the exploration of materials resonances activated by physical computing techniques and by digitally controlled electromagnetic pulses.
His works have been performed and set up in many international festivals: Huddersfield contemporary music festival, festival imprudences in Paris, Sound and music conference in Hamburg, Passegen Festival in Koln, Beijing Conservatory for Musicacoustica festival, Academy of Romania, American Academy during various editions of festival di nuova consonanza, Macro Museum contemporary art in Rome, Buenos Aires Globe Theater, Artefiera in Bologna, Milan Festival delle 5 giornate, Emufest, Ardea Manzù Collection Museum, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Bienniale of Young Mediterranean Artists in Athens, the Irish sound science and technology association Festival, the New York electronic music festival, during the Open Museum Open City at the MAXXI in Rome, for the Digital Life festival of the Romaeuropa foundation, Media art festival, Les Amplitudes at la chaux de fond , Ars Electronica of Linz, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Macbo Contemporary art Museum in Bologna, Real Accademia de Espana and many others ..
In 2017 He is artist in residence at the Goethe institut in Berlin
In 2016 With installation "Murmur. LC librans " win the Media Art Festival award at the Maxxi in Rome
In 2008 With the composition "hyde. for piano prepared and solicited by electromagnetic impulses " win a special mention at Premio Nazionale delle Arti. He is currently electronic music teacher at Conservatory of Perugia and Sound Design teacher at RUFA, Rome university of fine art

Born in 1977 in Ragusa, Jose Angelino lives and works in Rome.
The artist recieved his BA in Physics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a dissertation on “The codification of visual stimuli carried out by a neural network”.
In 2013 he won the Premio Scialoja for the Visual Arts. In 2014 he was selected for the European Glass Experience show, promoted by the Consorzio Promovetro Murano in collaboration with the Museo del Vetro of Murano. In 2016 he recieved the “Arte Fiera 40” prize, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Bologna Art Fair.
Selected shows:
“Cinque Mostre” American Academy Rome, “Artefiera 40” Pinacoteca di Bologna, ”Swing” Galleria Alessandra Bonomo Roma, Fljotstunga Islanda, “Lunghezze d'onda” Palazzo Sforza Cesarini Genzano curated by Giovanna Dalla Chiesa, Domaine Sigalas, Baxes Santorini Greece, Museu do Vidro da Marinha Grande, Real Fábrica de Vidrio de la Granja Segovia curated by Cornelia Lauf, Museo del Vetro Murano, “Confini Apparenti” Intragallery Napoli, 519+40 Fondazione Pastificio Cerere curated by Marcello Smarrelli, Siderare Forte Portuense Roma curated by Fondazione Volume, “Unisono” Temple University Roma curated by Shara Wasserman, “Ho qualcosa da dire… ho qualcosa da fare” Ex Mattatoio Testaccio Roma.

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