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VEDI (Vision Exploitation for Data Interpretation)

VEDI is an integrated system to enrich CH visitors experience, whilst providing CH managers with statistics on visitor’s behaviour, so to improve the site management.
To achieve these goals, VEDI includes a wearable assistant (a device like Microsoft HoloLens) implementing Computer Vision algorithms to understand where the visitor is and what he/she is focusing on. Such information is used to enrich visitor experience through additional contents (AR) on the observed artwork, the location, navigation aid and suggestions on what else may be of interest.
Meanwhile, a back-end system collects information on visitor’s behaviour to provide statistics and performance indexes to CH site's Manager.


VEDI (Vision Exploitation for Data Interpretation)

Xenia Progetti srl, IMC Service srl, CUTGANA-Università di Catania

Antonino Lopes. He has more than 35 years of experiences in the field of Telecom and Information Technology. Contract professor at University of Catania, faculty of engineering, teaching Satellite Communications. He has a deep experience in the field of research and technology development of community funded projects both at national and international (EC) level. He is accustomed with the international relations aspects. He has led several transnational projects and has an excellent knowledge of eastern (Korean) and western (USA) approach to System Design. He has several publications in international journals and conferences and a training profile on scientific, economic and technological subjects.

  A10 (pav. 9) - CINI - AIIS

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