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Plastic House
Plastic House

Plastic House

The "Plastic House" project aims to address the following issues: putting in stock (in simple terms the storage operations for waste destined for recovery operations), vandalism, capacity and periodic malfunctions, waste reduction and emissions of pollutants.
The features that can solve the problems highlighted above are: renewable energy supply; coating with recycled material (plastic blocks); sensor able to carry out the chemical-physical characterization of the waste (infrared analyzer - electric conductivity sensor and electromagnetic induction); high capacity (over 8000 bottles); shelter used for sponsoring activities and / or the possibility of transmitting the advertisement on the LCD monitor; waste reduction and waste (or absence of the paper receipt).
Finally, by sharing the gesture via social media (video or photo) an international network of people is created who share the commitment and sustainable actions to work towards an ecological and environmental literacy.

Plastic House

Ilaria Falconi

Degree in environmental sciences with specialization in Environmental monitoring and requalification and II level masters in hydrogeological risk analysis and mitigation at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
Technician at the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies.

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