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HURBA Scooter Elettrico
HURBA Scooter Elettrico

HURBA Scooter Elettrico

HURBA is the first true 100% electric Italian scooter, both in terms of design and in terms of safety and functionality. Designed by a boy of only 23 years old (Camillo Piscitelli) while he was in China for study reasons. HURBA is equipped with a double removable battery that guarantees the best performance on the market in terms of charging times and range: only 3 hours for 50 or 100km of driving range, the lowest time on the market. HURBA can be charged everywhere like a mobile phone, and the batteries weigh only 8kg.

At Maker Faire in Rome 2019 HURBA will preview its new Titanium Battery, able to recharge in just 12 minutes. The Titanium battery is the result of two proprietary patents that have allowed this very young reality to conquer a true world record.

HURBA Scooter Elettrico

Camillo Piscitelli

Camillo Piscitelli is a creative and eclectic entrepreneur.
Since he was a child he enriched his skills and his cultural background with lots of activities.
He has some patents, designs and trademarks filled with his name.
He graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilisations at University of Rome "La Sapienza", where he studied Chinese and Korean. After graduation he won a Scholarship for one year of Chinese specialisation (2016-2017) at the prestigious Peking University: top 1 university in China, 2nd university in Asia.
He lived in Beijing for more than one year.
In July 2017 he founded HURBA®: a startup specialized in mobility eco-sustainable solutions & new energy, successfully raising 200k+ euro in pre-seed.

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