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Cioccolato Crudo gourmet / Raw Go

Cioccolato Crudo gourmet / Raw Go

Cacao Crudo is a new way to produce and savour chocolate. To preserve the precious qualities of the cacao and the other ingredients we are constantly seeking new production methods and new ways to enjoy it. Cacao Crudo is the supply chain we want!!

Cacao Crudo is the first manufacturer of raw chocolate in Italy. We use the high-quality cacao Criollo variety directly from our supply chain which originates in the Peruvian Amazon. Such cacao is naturally fruity, floral and creamy. In order to preserve his precious organoleptic qualities and nutrients, we never process it at temperatures above 45 ° C.
The fermentation of cocoa beans is made for a shorter time compared to the normal process, and through the use of techniques and containers that allow temperature control. The classic roasting process is substituted by a slow process of desiccation in protected environments. Cold cacao beans sanitation follows. In this way we bring to your palate a rich, safe and real chocolate, with clean and full organoleptic identities, extraordinary in their own way.
Starting from non-roasted cacao beans, we produce chocolate bars in different sizes and flavors, delicious pralines, spreadable creams always made with non-roasted and whole nuts, stuffed dried fruits covered in chocolate, fruit bars, the cake PanCrudo, some exquisite Torrone sweet and Easter egs. All of our recipes result from a close exchange of views with chefs and nutritionists. Our project was born from an ethical and sustainable vision of food with the aim of offering a product that is at the same time very tasty and healthy.
CACAO CRUDO is a nourishing pleasure


Cioccolato Crudo gourmet / Raw Go

Daniele Dell'Orco / Flavia Lombardi

Daniele Dell'Orco is a Cultural Anthropologist active in International Development projects. Entrepreneur

  C17 (pav. 3) - CACAO CRUDO

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