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CNR4ALL - Synergy Lab
CNR4ALL - Synergy Lab

CNR4ALL - Synergy Lab

The analysis of synergies (muscular and kinematic) is a cutting-edge method for the study of motor control of healthy subjects with motor disabilities. The method is based on the concept that the central nervous system coordinates muscles and joints according to predefined schemes that simplify the ability to perform complex movements. Both in laboratory and in clinical settings, synergies are calculated through the use of special sensors and instrumentation. Synergy Lab presents some applications in the muscular field related to the upper limb and muscle-kinematics related to the use of the hand for grasping. Furthermore, Synergy Lab will present an application based on a Kinect V2 commercial sensor that allows synergies to be applied even with low-cost technologies, in various contexts
Synergy Lab presents innovative solutions for the analysis of motor control, applicable to healthy subjects but also for the detailed assessment of the motor skills of neurological and orthopedic patients. The methods allow the identification of muscular and muscle-kinematic synergies at the base of human movement. The analysis techniques proposed here have applicative implications in the medical, rehabilitative, evaluation of devices and devices for assistance and rehabilitation also in industrial contexts. Evaluating the adoption of appropriate technologies to use the same assessments not only in the laboratory and clinical environment, but also at home, we evaluate the extension of cutting-edge techniques for sophisticated analysis with state-of-the-art and commercial and affordable technologies.


CNR4ALL - Synergy Lab

Alessandro Scano

Alessandro Scano (AS), born 1985, PhD, biomedical engineer, is a permanent researcher at STIIMA CNR. AS works in the field of motor control and human motion analysis. His main interests are related to EMG, muscle synergies, kinematics, and applications to the medical and industrial fields. AS has been involved in national and international research projects, cooperated with several research institutions, hospitals and companies, and is author of more than 20 indexed publications in the field.

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