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Z80-MBC2 un computer Z80 fatto in casa
Z80-MBC2 un computer Z80 fatto in casa

Z80-MBC2 un computer Z80 fatto in casa

The Z80-MBC2 is an easy to build Z80 SBC (Single Board Computer), with a SD as disk emulator and with a 128KB banked RAM for CP/M 3 (but it can run CP/M 2.2, QP/M 2.71 and UCSD Pascal too).
It has on board 16x GPIO expander, add-on modules for the SD and the RTC. It has an Arduino heart using an Atmega32A as EEPROM and universal I/O emulator (so a EPROM programmer is not needed).
It is a complete development ecosystem, and using the iLoad boot mode it is possible cross-compile, load and execute on the target an Assembler or C program with a single command (like in the Arduino IDE).

Z80-MBC2 un computer Z80 fatto in casa

Fabio Defabis (Autore del progetto) Giovanni Pirozzi (Logistica e distribuzione)

Fabio Defabis
Maker by passion, for pure fun, from here his nickname Just4Fun, he designed and published several projects in the famous magazine Hackaday see https://hackaday.io/Just4Fun
Giovanni Pirozzi
Always with a passion for computer science, he took his first steps building the Nuova Elottronica computer in the 80s with the Zilog Z80 and started to realize the first programs for warehouse management and accounting using a Basic compiler with the CP/M 2.2 and later the Turbodos on Z80 computers of the Kyber Calculatori - Pistoia.
Recently he discovered Defabis' Z80-MBC2 project with which he realized one of the dreams held in the drawer for many years, the possibility of reviving the programs written and used in the 80s with a modern computer very simple to build and very cheap.
Now, in agreement with Defabis, it deals with the marketing of the Z80-MBC2 project, creating a kit very simple to build.

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