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Alan Advantage

Alan Advantage

Alan Advantage srl, with offices in Rome and Boston, is active for more than ten years in Innovation, deals with strategic consulting activities.

The company has embraced the paradigm of Open Innovation, and provides direct consultancy to medium and large customers in the following areas:
- Improvement of business processes by adopting innovative methods and technologies
- Special projects: adoption of new technologies and services to enable new Value Propositions and Business Models
- Review and improvement of strategic positioning
- Internationalization
- Research and Development programs and projects
- Technological Scouting

Particular emphasis has been given in recent years to the field of Artificial Intelligence that has become the main scientific and technological strand among those edited by Alan Advantage in the Consultancy areas listed before.

Alan Advantage's Open Innovation is based on a continuous selection process of innovative Italian startups (over 450 have been selected in the last three years).
The 25 selected startups (according to criteria of team reliability, business idea and model, potential market) have signed an agreement with Alan Advantage, which plays the role of advisor for them, providing with its team to:
- To give consultative support for growth;
- Find new customers / business opportunities;
- Finding capital (Alan Advantage is accredited in its business angel network in Italy and in the New England Venture Capital Association network in Boston).

In 11 of the 25 startups Alan Advantage has a shareholding, having invested around 300K Euros.

Alan Advantage's relationship with the Italian ecosystem of innovative startups also comes from partnerships with:
- APG (Angel Partner Group);
- Luiss Enlabs;
- PiCampus.

Another key element of Alan Advantage's Open Innovation is the close and profitable relationship with the Academic and national and international Research system that at this moment provides stable collaborations with:
- Univ. Roma Tre
- Univ. Salerno
- Link Campus University
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- Stevens Institute of Technology
- St. John’s University

The Alan Advantage numbers:
- annual turnover of around 1 mil. of Euro
- annual turnover of the participated companies:> 20 Mil. EUR
- in the network more than 250 highly specialized technical and business profiles

Alan Advantage

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