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Università di Bologna - ALMALABOR
Università di Bologna - ALMALABOR

Università di Bologna - ALMALABOR

This project is the result of the hackathon #SocialMakersforCovid19, a call for all students of university of Bologna to create high-impact social project in order to help intellectually disabled teenagers during the lockdown, since the daycare centres had to close for the covid19 emergency.
The challenge was launched by the University of Bologna and GRD (Associazione Genitori Ragazzi Down) with the goal of helping the disabled teenagers expressing themselves and also become more independent.
The hackathon lasted 5 days and 4 teams of students worked together to find the best solution to the initial challenges. Thanks to the mentors of the University's partner "Learning by helping" the students learned a new methodology and work in a team with the tutors to identify a final solution.
Codesign19 is one of them: an online platform where educators and designers can assist intellectually disabled teenagers in the creation of artistic and graphic design works. In future, these works could also become real objects and gadgets. This solution allows university students from design, education and psychology to make their curricular internship even during the lockdown.
This project was carried out by ALMALABOR staff with students from different disciplines of the University from June to September. In the end, a final exhibition will show the work done by the intellectually disabled young boys and girls.


Università di Bologna - ALMALABOR

ALMALABOR is an area designed for knowledge contamination conceived to cultivate competences that help develop new entrepreneurial ideas. A digital workshop to create prototype ideas for businesses. A training and coworking area.

  Università di Bologna - ALMALABOR

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