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Spireat il futuro del food

Spireat il futuro del food

Spireat is a revolutionary project, that start with the production with zero impact for microalgae production, it was implemented with a circular economy process to reuse CO2 and thermal energy caming out from cogenerator, then microalgae is used as functional ingredients for innovative food products such us ealthy chips or energy drinks that will be presented in the make fair.


Antonino Ida

Antonio Idà principal research interest lies in the field of microalgal biotechnology and their industrial applications. Principally I focus my attention on sustainable microalgae biorefinery concepts for the production of high-added value compounds. PhD At “Università degli studi di Tor Vergata - Roma” in the laboratory of algal biology Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences, at Bologna University with thesis in Biofuel,

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