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Eat Insects Change the World

Eat Insects Change the World

We make healthy snacks enriched with insect flour. Edible insects may be a bit weird, we are here to break that taboo. Our bite-sized crackers are really tasty and packed full with planet-positive protein, vitamin B12 and fibre. Ready to join this food revolution? If you like your snacks a little unusual, a lot sustainable and outrageously tasty, try Small Giants Crackers and change the word.

United Kingdom

Small Giants

Previously branded as Crické, Small Giants was founded to disrupt the EU’s healthy snacks market with insect-based products. Our brand new Small Giants product range, Cricket Cracker Bites, was launched in November 2020. We are a young team highly motivated to break the edible insects taboo with unruly tasty snacks and make the weird wonderful!

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